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State-of-the-art Metrological Room

For monitoring production processes and reporting certification

The Tor Meccanica quality management system has as its purpose the prevention of non-conformities and the control of manufacturing processes in every single phase so as to systematically supply finished products corresponding to the characteristics requested by the customer.

This process starts from the entry of the raw material (with possible release of a certificate) and from the unambiguous identification of the incoming material, passing through the C.A.P.I. for the recordings of the progress of the material in the various production phases both internal and external, up to the control grids and the final testing in the metrology room which will enable the delivery of the finished part.

To guarantee our high quality levels, we provide our customers with two temperature-controlled metrological rooms for a total of 90 square meters. surface equipped with:

  • Zeiss Tridimensionale CN Accura active scanning
  • Zeiss Tridimensionale CN Eclipse passive scanning
  • Zeiss Tridimensionale CN Eclipse point to point
  • Zeiss Tridimensionale CN Duramax passive scanning
  • Profilometro Mitutoyo
  • Rotondimentro Mitutoyo
  • Optical Machine Mitutoyo QS200L
  • Trimos Telma 1000
  • THV Trimos
  • Mitutoyo Formtracer Avant

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