Tor Meccanica
30+ Year of experience



A story that began in 1990...

Founded in 1990, Tor Meccanica, a company based in Mordano near Imola, specializes in precision mechanical machining, both on common and special steels, stainless, duplex and hardened, as well as aluminum, titanium and magnesium alloys, with CBN inserts .Verso la metà degli anni 90, forte della sua visione pionieristica, investe sia in macchinari CN che in tecnologia metrologica all'avanguardia, specializzandosi via via nel settore della super finitura.

The first quality certifications

In 2000 it obtained its first Cermet ISO 9001 certification, until it was elected, in 2003, by the Gain Club Imprese Excellent Emilia Romagna, among the 10 most avant-garde companies in the region in terms of customer management, staff development. , of technological and qualitative information. It produces the first injection molds for the "Closure" sector and, at a later stage, for PET preforms.

A specialized team for every production need

Structuring itself to work internally with materials such as beryllium copper, it is increasingly entering the injection mold sector. Thanks to the know-how and production / metrological technology that distinguish it all over the world, the company is able to provide its customers with 100% certified products both in terms of geometry / dimensions and surface finish. It currently employs 24 people, 8 of which are indirect (management, planning, sales, administration, metrology, CAD / CAM programming).
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