Tor Meccanica Newsletter: because communicating with customers and suppliers in a professional way is strategic

Tor Meccanica

The Tor Meccanica newsletter is active

We are convinced that in order to successfully face the new challenges to come, it is necessary, even in the precision mechanics sector, to be able to professionally use all the tools that modern communication strategies make available to us every day.

For this reason, with a view to 4.0 renewal of our digital organizational processes, we have implemented a new service on our new website that can be used by our customers and the market: the Tor Meccanica newsletter.

Starting from the Tor Meccanica home page, anyone who wants to can register by entering their email address.

Thanks to the newsletter, we will keep you informed about the news regarding the Tor Meccanica world in general, the events in which we will take part, the updates on technology, the new machines, the most interesting processes performed by our team, the closing days for holidays, to activate an authentic and permanent communication process with our interlocutors.

The newsletter will be structured in a clear and comprehensive way. Graphically, the imprint will be that of our new site. You will always find all the insights available for reading directly on the “News” area of ​​the Tor Meccanica website.

Looking forward to receiving your suggestions so that we can always improve, certain that you will follow us on our new digital channels, welcome to Tor Meccanica!