Tor Meccanica is now on Youtube

Tor Meccanica

Because “Visual” is what the market is looking for on the net …

With a view to expanding our visibility on the world, we have activated the Tor Meccanica channel on Youtube. A channel, that of Tor Meccanica, through which it will be our intent to make those who do not know us at all perceive, thanks to the publication of a series of specific contents, the professionalism, technology and know-how of the company resulting from almost 40 years of experience in the precision mechanical machining sector.

With regard to new business opportunities on new markets, it is an objective fact that today companies around the world are looking for more and more new suppliers and customers via the internet, especially videos when it is time to accelerate on the decisions to be made.

And the videos on Youtube, or rather a series of professional thematic videos, constitute a phenomenal attraction lever more than any other tool or catalog or site, even more so in a sector such as that of mechanics where perfection is sought in the work carried out by hypothetical new supplier. Being able at least to see is therefore the needle that can literally tip the scales in our favor.

In fact, the visual and the video sector manage to bridge distances and transmit trust, concreteness, to the interlocutor more than any other word or hearsay. The visual just to be clear, if done as it should, converts more than any other paid promotion on Google or the quote request form displayed on the site.

The goal of Tor Meccanica is precisely to receive part of the new requests for quotations from those who will see your videos on the channel and who will then contact you via the site because they have seen what it is able to do and offer from youtube.

Not all companies in the mechanical sector are aware of this potential inherent in visual marketing …

We are convinced that to form a channel with thematic and quality content it takes time and strict programming. You don’t build a canal overnight. We need a medium to long-term editorial plan.

It is also necessary to have clear in mind the sequences that the market wants to see. Not trivial stuff that the network is full of, so to speak. We are working hard to do so to have everything working properly as soon as possible, be patient.

We already plan to make the first video teaser on Tor Meccanica and a corollary half a dozen to be published on the channel by 2021.

If you are curious to closely follow the evolution of our Youtube channel, I recommend you subscribe and activate the notifications by clicking on the bell.