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Tor Meccanica

The Company inspired by the site, to strengthen the Tor Meccanica Brand

It is an important moment of digital revolution and not just digital what we are currently experiencing in Tor Meccanica.

It all began with the design and publication of our new home, Digital Hub, the Tor Meccanica website. New multimedia contents, a restyling of the logo in a more modern key, a partially revised navigation logic have meant that even the Company Profile Tor Meccanica was fully hit by this vigorous wave of digital revolution.

We believe that presenting itself to the market well and with multiple coordinated tools is strategic to strengthen the Tor Meccanica brand as a whole in the eyes of those who look at us for the first time, to those who have already noticed us for some time and are anxiously waiting for get to know us better.

Having a clear company, with professional photos that briefly recalls the same sections of the site drastically reduces the time of cognitive learning by those who observe us.

It is easier this way to understand who we are, what we do.

Our intent is to be ready to experience the new market challenges that we are about to undertake as protagonists.

We need to take part in national and international trade fairs and to do so by presenting ourselves in the best possible way thanks to a unitary, coordinated, modern, recognizable brand identity from every point of view, updated in every detail.

The new Company profile Tor Meccanica, in a4 format, is being developed and will soon be viewable and downloadable in pdf format from the home page of the site.

Two language versions will also be drawn up, German and English, so as to become the focus of attention on multiple markets.

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